This logo says it all!

The "Dream Team" Torsten Hallman, Sten Lundin, "The Man" himself Bengt Aberg, Staffan Eveqvist and their first hybrid thumper.

Some mods to the frame and engine.

Fox Shox were the choice back in the day.

Another logo shot. Nice work on the swingarm also.

The calm before the storm!

Don Vesco Yamaha of El Cajon put together this bad boy!

The best power plant out there.

Stopped for a quick pose.

A real fire breather!

Very nice Hallman HL-500. I like the original paint. Nick says he wanted to pay tribute to the original gang behind the HL's. Lookin' good Nick. Owned by Nick Spiers out of the New Zealand.

A close up of the motor work on Nick's HL. Gotta love the custom TT logo.

One word comes to mind, AWESOME! Glen would like to thank his friends that pitched in on the project. Ian Wilson of CW Motorcycles and Andy Sutton from Poole Motorcycles. Great job guys! Owned by Glen Axon out of the U.K.

Glen built the motor with a high compression piston, ported head, and a 36mm carb.

The flip side of Glen's awesome thumper.

More engine mods. Very nice indeed.

I bet this a view most will get of Glen's thumper.

Relaxed pose. Much needed after a big photo shoot.

Check out this '78 model HL-500. Owned and raced by Andy Dearnley of the U.K.

Andy has done a few nice mods to his HL-500. Such as carbon fiber side panels and a finned head just to name a few.

Check out this HL-500. Owned and raced by Dave King of the U.K.

Another nice Aberg thumper out of the U.K. This one owned and raced by Paul Vincent.

Some nice motor work to Paul's HL.

Check out the oil line mods on Paul's thumper.

A shot of an early '77 HL-500. Note the shock mounts on the swingarm.

Another shot of a '77 HL-500. Shock mounts are moved forward.

A nice shot of a '78 model HL-500.

Another shot of a '78 HL-500.

A nice shot of a '79 model HL-500.

A catalog cover shot of a '79 model HL-500.

A nice shot of a HL-500.

Another shot on the flip side of this nice HL-500.

Another awesome HL-500 out of Europe.

This Bad Mama Jama is out of Australia. It is shown here in all its glory just as it can be seen on the VMX cover. Too many trick parts to mention.

This is my own personal Hallman. I put a lot of hard work into this thumper. It runs like a champ! Owned and raced by Shannon Gillette out of Arizona.

Another shot of my thumper. I thumped my way to a first place finish at the 2001 & 2002 Vintage Iron World Championships on this bad boy!

The "Real Deal" HL-500. This one owned and raced by Tony McMahon of RETRO RACING out of Australia.

What can you say about Tony's thumper. One word comes to mind AWESOME!!!!

Hallman/Aberg under construction. Ed Zornes has been working on this one for a few years.

Another shot of Ed's thumper. I'm sure this one will be awesome when it hits the track.

Another nice shot of a Hallman. Looks fast just sitting there!

This Hallman is owned by a mechanic that works at Motoworld of El Cajon (Don Vesco Yamaha in So. Cal.). He raced it at the Vintage Iron World Championships in 2000.

Another Hallman to check out. Owned and raced by Ed Spear of the U.K.

This HL-500 is a real looker. A unique paint sceme is used on this one. This thumper is mated together with RM and YZ parts. It takes 100 octane fuel to fire this baby up. Lots of engine mods! Owned and raced by Greame McElligott out of Australia. For more of Graeme's thumpers check out my link to the Pet Shop.

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