A very unique thumper. This is a '79 JBR Honda. If it looks CCMish it's because it basically is a CCM with a honda powerplant. Owned by Duncan Watson of the U.K.

Another '79 JBR Honda thumper. These were made for JBR (John Banks Racing) by CCM back in the day. Owned by Simon Watson of the U.K.

This is a Dave King "replica" Curtis Honda. Owned by Terry Mead of the U.K.

Another cool Honda thumper. This is an XR powered red rocket. Owned by Bob Collier of the U.K.

These XR-75's are bad to the bone. They are really bored out to 100s with oil coolers and alot of hop up stuff everywhere and they rip. The guys were ruling the track at this years 2002 VIWC.

Another shot of this ultimate little thumper that could. These guys mean business when they show up to race.

Another cool XR-75. It's bored to a 125 and this guy ripped too! Very cool thumpers.

Very trick pit thumper. I see this XR-75 every year at the VIWC. I like the color sceme and the full race look.

Very cool '78 XR-75. Alot of work went into this little thumper.

The flip side of this XR-75 Honda thumper. Very trick FMF silencer added to the pipe.

An awesome Honda thumper built up by Rick O'Donnell for his son.He must of done a good job. His son took the win on it at the 2002 VIWC.

The flip side on Rick's XL-125 thumper. Very nice carbon fiber # plate!

Rick had some custom pipe work done on this little gem and it sounds great.

This another one of Rick's thumpers. Not sure on the frame but the motor is a Honda 350.

Very cool Honda CR/XL-175 not sure who ownes this bad boy but they did a great job on it.

The flip side of this CR/XL Honda thumper. I would love to through a leg over this one.

Donnie "Holeshot" Hanson raced this Factory Honda thumper in '80. It is a "works" bike. Sand cast hubs and cases, RC 250 gas tank, and lots of titanium including the spokes and the counter balancer. This thumper is ultra trick. Owned by Jay Prenot out of So. Cal.

Johnny "O'Show" O'Mara raced this Factory Honda thumper in '85. This is a "works" bike as well. Hubs, brakes, tripleclamps, and forks. All "works". It has a single carbed 640cc XR prototype power plant. Check out the single rear shock on the right side. Owned by Jay Prenot out of So. Cal.

A '74 Honda XL-350 thumper. Redline framed, CR suspension, 36mm carb, big cam, and big pipe.

The flip side of Charlie's Honda thumper. Owned and raced by Charlie Augusta out of ACR Country, New Jersey.

Check out this Honda thumper. Champion frame, side port 250, built by Gerald Jessup. 298 kit, cam, valve springs, Ace Pipe megaphone. Lizard Racing handmade intake manifold turned back in for performance and clearance.

Another look at this trick Honda. Cr forks, tank, wheels and Works Shocks. Other bits by Bates #1 in Garland, Texas. Owned and raced by Jerry Nelson out of Plano, Texas.

Nice motor work on Jerry's thumper. I bet this thing really rips!

A cool Honda Factory thumper. This one was Tommy Croft's thumper of choice. Owned by Clyde William of El Cajon, California. Visit his link Old Dirt Bike Warehouse for some other cool items.

This is a Horse Power Factory (HPF) XR-500 Honda. It has a big bore kit installed for awesome power!

This (HPF) thumper has a C&J frame, Fox Forx and Ohlin shocks to soak up the bumps. Owned and raced by Len Gillette out of Tucson, Arizona.

Pierre Karsmakers personal Honda thumper that he raced in the '78 World 4-Stroke Championships. Picture taken at Saddleback by my friend Gerrit Does.

This Awesome '75 250 Honda thumper belongs to Gerrit Does. Gerrit is Pierre Karsmakers brother-in-law and is from the Netherlands.

Gunnar Lindstrom's personal thumper that took him to the '76 World 4-Stroke Championship. Awesome Honda I must say.

I raced this thumper back in '77.
I thought my thumper was fast!

A very nice C&J framed Honda PJ-1 Replica. Bill Bell would be proud of this one. Owned, raced, and photos credited to Scott Steger.

Another view of Scott's Honda PJ-1 Replica. Scott is the man when it comes to detail.

A killer C&J framed Honda 440 thumper. This one is as awesome as it gets. Owned, raced, and photos credited to Scott Steger.

Another view of Scott's Honda. I think "Honda" should be Scott's middle name.

I love the black stealth look. Check out those sweet side panels also.

I know this baby thumps with the best of them! Be sure and check out Scott's site for more awesome bikes and info. www.red-racer.com.

A very nice C&J framed Honda 449cc thumper. The motor is built by Gorilla Motorworks. Marzocchis up front and Works on the rear.

Another view of this awesome C&J framed Honda thumper. Looks fast just sitting there! Owned and raced by Jeff Saenger out of St. Louis, Mo.

Honda 420 Rat Bike. Bob calls it that because it's a bunch of thumpers rolled into one.

Another view of Bob's Rat Bike. Owned and raced by Bob out of Eureka, NorCal.

C & J framed Honda 440. Owned and raced by Rick O'Donnell out of SoCal.

Another view of Rick's thumper. It has "works" front suspension and is way fast!!!

A sweet '79 Curtis Honda XR-500 out of the U.K. This thumper uses Maico forks and wheels. Ohlins in the rear. Owned and raced by Bob Collier.

Another view of Bob's Curtis XR-500. I would love to get a hot lap on this thumper.

A killer C&J framed Honda XR-500. This baby looks ready to rip. Owned and raced by Stephan Ender out of Germany.

Another angle of Stephan's Honda XR-500. Easy on the eyes and great attention to detail.

Yet another angle of Stephan's Honda thumper. I'm speechless.

Pure polished thumper power!
One word for you, Fast!!

A very rare Mugen XR-500. Very interesting bike to look at. Gotta love the white frame.

Another wicked Mugen XR-500. This one was Johnny O's ride. Very cool indeed.

A C&J framed Honda XR-500. This one looks well raced. I bet this thumper gets the holeshot every time.

A tricked out C&J Honda owned by Bob Nielson. Check out the awesome Fox Forx and Ohlins in the rear.

A C&J framed Honda. What can you say about Honda RED! Fast!!

Another view of this Honda thumper for you to feast the eyes on!

A C&J framed Honda. This thumper is a runner for sure.

Another view of this Honda thumper. I gotta get my hands on one of these bad boys.

This is a tricked out XL-465. Nice paint scheme. A definite one of a kinder.

Check out this C&J Honda 185cc thumper made by Horse Power Factory. This thing is a real looker.

A cool C&J framed Honda 440 thumper. A very cool look with the gold rims. Owned and raced by Bob Nielson out of SoCal.

A very rare Merlyn Honda XR-500. Merlyn made F-3 race car chassis and ventured into motocross for a very brief stint. Rumor has it that they only made about 5 total. Very cool thumper. I would love to see one of these bad boys in real life.

This is another '80 JBR Honda. JBR's were very reliable under race conditions and are still very sought after by collectors.

Factory Honda built this 250cc thumper for Rob Munyon in '79 to race it in the 4-Stroke World Championships that year. Rob rode it to a sixth place finish against all the big bores. Lots of works parts and titanium to be found here.

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